Tumblestones are a great size for carrying with you anywhere and an affordable way to add to your crystal collection. They make ideal gifts -- which crystal’s energy would you love to share with someone?

139 results
Blue Goldstone Tumblestones
Lapis Lazuli Tumblestones
Blue Chalcedony Tumblestones
Infinite Stone Tumblestones
Prehnite and Epidote Large Tumblestones
Shattuckite Tumblestones
High Grade Chrysocolla Tumblestones
Marine Blue Obsidian Tumblestones
Shungite - High Grade - Tumblestone
Orange Calcite - High Grade - Tumblestone
Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite and Feldspar Tumblestones
Angelite Tumblestones
Mangano Calcite Tumblestones
Lilac Quartz Tumblestone - Medium
Lilac Quartz Tumblestone - Small
Golden Tigers Eye Tumblestones
Red Tigers Eye Tumblestones
Selenite Tumbles
Sunstone Tumbles
Black Onyx Tumbles
Russian Amazonite Tumbles
Blue Goldstone Stretch Bracelet
Caribbean Blue Calcite Tumble
Rose Quartz Mega Polished Tumblestone
Zebra Jasper Polished Mega Tumblestone
Picture Jasper Mega Polished Tumblestone
Green Aventurine Mega Polished Tumblestone
White Howlite Mega Polished Tumblestone
Goldstone Mega Polished Tumblestone
Unakite Mega Polished Tumblestone
Sodalite Mega Polished Tumblestone
High Grade Mangano Calcite Tumblestones
Amazonite Tumblestones High Grade
Lepidolite High Lithium Tumblestones
Apache Tears High Grade
Hemimorphite Tumblestones
139 results
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