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    Tigers Eye

    Source a piece of TIGERS EYE when you want to:

    🧡 Find courage 🧡
    🖤 Inspire creativity and utilise your existing talents and abilities 🖤
    🤎 Restore balance in your life 🤎
    🧡 Release your fears and anxieties 🧡

    From: Worldwide

    Contains: Mainly Silicon Dioxide and is coloured by Iron

    Energy: Tigers Eye is a protective crystal. It will allow you to tap into the strength, power, confidence, intelligence you already have but thought lost. It will allow you to follow your heart and head in these matters. Confidence and optimism will fill you and any feelings you have of lacking in something or being incomplete will be dissipate.

    Tigers Eye will support you through necessary change in all aspects of your life, strengthening your will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level.