Source a piece of CALCITE when you want to:

💜 Boost energy 💜
💜 Cleanse energy  💜 
💜 Learning something new 💜
💜 Strengthen bones and joints 💜

From: Worldwide ground and surface water environments

Contains: A carbonate mineral. The most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate.

Calcite amplifies the energy around it, so it is ideal when used in combination with other crystals to increase their efficacy. It also works to cleanse and purify the energies nearby so that you can make a fresh start to a new enterprise more easily. In this way, it helps you to learn something new -- whether that's as a student in a formal setting, or in learning a new habit. A healer's stone, and because of the link between bones and calcium, Calcite is also used in strengthening the skeleton and joints in the physical body.

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Banded Strawberry Calcite Points
Blue Calcite Tumbles
Caribbean Blue Calcite Generators
Caribbean Blue Calcite Hearts 'A Grade'
Caribbean Blue Calcite Obelisk
Caribbean Blue Calcite Obelisks
Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stones
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Caribbean Blue Calcite Palmstone
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Caribbean Blue Calcite Sphere
Caribbean Blue Calcite Sphere
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Caribbean Blue Calcite Tumble
Golden Calcite Generator
Golden Calcite Tumblestones
High Grade Mangano Calcite Tumblestones
Honey Calcite  Tumblestones
Mangano Calcite Heart
Mangano Calcite Sphere
Mangano Calcite Tumblestones
Orange Calcite - High Grade - Tumblestone
Orange Calcite - Small - Tumblestones
Rainbow Calcite Generator PI
Septarian Sphere | Yellow Calcite | Aragonite
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