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    Source a piece of LABRADORITE when you want to:

    💜 Awaken your mystical and magical side 💜
    💜 Bring your etheric and physical bodies into alignment 💜 
    💜 Shield yourself from negativity 💜
    💜 Make a change 💜

    From: Originally -- Paul's Island in Labrador, Canada.  Also in Poland, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia and the USA.

    Contains: A calcic feldspar in the plagioclase series

    Energy: Many of the properties of labradorite can be related to the gorgeous mutable, shifting matrix of colours in the crystal. Labradorite is used to help you find your own mystical depths and magical capabilities and to bring those to the surface. Being attuned to transformation, Labradorite can be helpful to you in making changes -- whether these are the ordinary changes involving work and home, or personal transformation of your body or worldview. You can use labradorite to work on aligning your etheric and physical bodies so that you are healthy and whole inside and out. And, of course, the shadows of Labradorite are able to keep you safe from negativity -- the kind that you generate against yourself, as well as from the world around you.