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    Source a piece of CARNELIAN when you want to:

    🧡 Find some much-needed energy 🧡
    🤍 Revitalise your soul 🤍
    🧡 Ground and anchor you to reality 🧡
    🤍 Keep yourself motivated 🤍

    From: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Germany and Russia

    Contains: Chalcedony coloured by Iron Oxide

    Energy: Carnelian is a centering, calming and balancing crystal. It will help increase your mental and physical energy. Carnelian will bring more positivity to your life, you will notice that you feel more energetic and optimistic when you use it. It’s great for finding and keeping that motivation, it will give you the courage to discover your hidden talents, it will also feed into your curiosity!

    Carnelian is a powerfully protective crystal against envy, resentment and rage both yours and/or in others. It will assist to calm anger and remove negative energy by replacing it with a love for life.

    Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other crystals.