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    Source a piece of KYANITE when you want to:

    🤍 Clear your chakras of blockages 🤍
    🤍 Develop your telepathic and intuitive gifts 🤍
    🤍 Calm, soothe, and ease frustrations and worries 🤍
    🤍 Improve communication with your spiritual guides🤍

    From: India, Brazil, China,Russia, Switzerland, USA and South Africa.

    Contains: Aluminosilicate

    Energy:  Kyanite is one of the few crystals that are able to cleanse themselves. Using these powerful cleansing properties on your chakras can instantly clear your chakras of blockages and align the energy of your physical body. You can use kyanite to help improve your telepathic and intuitive abilities, as it opens you up to messages coming from other sources. This also explains why wearing or holding Kyanite can improve the communication between you and your spirit guides, allowing you to more easily feel the sense of calm and wellbeing from the higher realms which will alleviate any worries and frustrations you might be feeling.