Dragon Blood Jasper

Source a piece of DRAGON BLOOD JASPER when you want to:

🐉 Promote happiness and optimism 🐉
💚 Be more patient with yourself 💚
❤️ Have strength and courage ❤️
🐲 Encourage and support social interaction 🐲 

From: Australia

Contains: Epidote, Piemontite

Energy: Dragon Blood Jasper is a stone of personal power. It provides strength, courage, and purpose to help you face any difficulties when contemplating life changes. Dragon Blood Jasper is amazing at times of grief or during feelings of self pity as it will allow you to remember the beauty that is life. Dragon Blood Jasper will help you to hear your heart, it encourages love, compassion, forgiveness and in this vein allow you to heal repressed emotional issues and old wounds.

Dragon Blood Jasper will encourage your spiritual growth will support your spiritual self-healing. During this healing it will allow you to self reflect, helping you to dissolve your false self perceptions so that you can begin to build up your one true self.

Dragon Blood Jasper is also known as Dragonstone or Dragon Jasper

Dragon Blood Jasper should not be confused with Bloodstone, they are completely different crystals.

Dragon Blood Jasper
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