Source a piece of PYRITE when you want to:

💜 Have luck 💜

💜 Attract prosperity and wealth 💜 

💜 Enjoy good physical health 💜

💜 Manifest 💜

From: Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, USA, Peru, China.

Contains: Iron and sulfur.

Energy: Pyrite is traditionally considered a "luck" stone. This is probably because it is one of the best crystals for manifestation, and works to attract abundance and prosperity to those who use it. It helps with keeping you focused on turning your dream into a goal, and then into a reality -- many people use Pyrite when they are trying to improve their physical health because of this property. Working on the Third Chakra, Pyrite can help to evenly distribute your energy around your body to boost your vitality so that you are ready to take advantage of those "lucky breaks" that are the Universe conspiring to help you.

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Druzy Pyrite  Tumblestones
Pyrite Raw Ring 8 (P.5)
Pyrite Sun Sterling Silver Ring 7.5 (P)
Pyrite Sun Sterling Silver Ring 7.25 (O)
Fluorite with Pyrite Druzy Generator
Pyrite Milky Quartz Matrix Sphere | Crystaluxe
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