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    Where are you located?

    • Sydney, Australia.

    Where do you source your crystals?

    • We source our crystals from ethical locations all around the world. Each crystal is hand chosen by us and is unique and one of a kind.

    How do I pick a crystal?

    • Crystals are mystical! They call to their owners. You will be drawn to the crystals that you need at that moment or in your life in general, so use your intuition when one keeps calling to you.

    Do you include printed information sheets about crystals with orders?

    • No, we care about the Earth and the resources we use. As we receive so many orders daily we do not include crystal information sheets. Detailed information about the crystals can be found for each type on our website.

      I want something you don’t have in your shop can you help?

      • Yes! Please either email us or message our Facebook page with a photo of the crystal and an idea of what you are looking for and we will undertake to source the item for you.

      How often do you have a Crystal Show Off or Facebook lives?

      • We have 2 lives a week! Monday and Wednesday night starting at 8pm Sydney time. Sometimes we may even have a sneaky impromptu one! So join our VIP group via our Facebook page to keep up to date!

      How do the lives work?

      • When a crystal is shown on the live a number will be allocated to it. The first person to say SOLD and that crystals number will "win" the crystal. 
      • Please note: Facebook will show your comment first to you, however the winner of the crystal will be the name WE see first on our screen

      How do I pay for my crystal/s from the live? 

      • After the live has concluded each item will be uploaded to the website with your name. These are found under the Invoice menu.
      • Please note: You have 24 hours to settle your invoice.
        • Failure to settle your invoice will see these items become available as Second Chance items.

      How does FREE Express Shipping for orders over $100 in ONE transaction work?

      • FREE Express Shipping is only available to Australian customers.
      • This option is ONLY valid for ONE entire order.
        • You do not qualify for free shipping for multiple orders that may equal over $100.
          • Eg Kate has an order of $30 on Monday, a $45 order on Wednesday and a $30 order on Thursday. This is not ONE order over $100 and does not qualify for free shipping.
      • We can safely and lovingly hold your orders until you have ONE order over $100 and send them to you all at one time. To apply this method you can use the code 'HOLDIT' at the checkout and it will remove postage. 
        • If no held orders yield one transaction of $100 and over, then either a one off $9 regular shipping or $12 express shipping will need to be paid before your order is sent.

      What happens if I purchased but have the wrong address on my account?

      • If you an account with us you login and edit your address information immediately.
      • Alternatively please message our Facebook page immediately.
      • We ship to the address provided by you. If the wrong address is supplied and your parcel has been posted – your parcel will eventually come back to us and we will have to re-ship, at a cost to you. (Please see our Shipping Policy)

      Do you ship international?

      • Yes. Shipping is calculated at checkout (Please see our Shipping Policy)

      If I order from the website when can I expect post?

      How long will it take to receive my crystals and other goodies?