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    Source a piece of SODALITE when you want to:

    💜 Bring clarity to your thoughts 💜
    💜 Improve communication and creativity 💜 
    💜 Ease fear and guilt 💜
    💜 Calm and clear the mind 💜 

    From: Namibia, Canada, United States, Russia, Greenland, Brazil, Afghanistan

    Contains: Sodium and calcium as a techtosilicate form of feldspathoid mineral, formed naturally in cooled magma.

    Energy: Sodalite helps with finding deep insights, awakening your intuition and perception. Working on the Throat Chakra as well as the Third Eye, Sodalite helps in seeing things clearly and expressing that thought in a meaningful way to others. Boosting your ability to calmly observe, Sodalite helps you to consider matters logically as well as in meditation to more clearly see what your guides are trying to have you understand. Seeing how the Cosmic Plan works with you as a part of it can help you shed any burdens of guilt and recrimination, letting you approach your journey with confidence and wisdom.