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    Source a piece of AGATE when you want: 

    ❤️ To feel as steady as a rock ❤️
    🤍 To be connected to the energy of the Earth 🤍
    💜 To know your innate strengths and values 💜
    ❤️ To be protected and safe energetically ❤️ 

    From: All over the world from the shores of oceans to deserts, there are many different varieties

    Contains: Quartz and Chalcedony that is generally formed within pockets of volcanic rock. 

    Energy: There are literally hundreds of different types of agate and generally their energy resonates at a slow, low and long term protective vibration.  This gives it that soothing, supportive grounding that one may require during a period of growth, self-discovery and when learning new things.  Agate will open your mind to see new ways, to deepen your creative self and to achieve all those goals that are 7/8 of the way done!  Highly protective, this stone of good luck will hold a safe place of honesty and acceptance so that you can feel that forward momentum and choose to move ahead without fear. 

    Agate is a great choice for children or teenagers, men and woman, students and artists and everyone in between!  Therefore it is an amazing stone to gift, especially for those new to their Crystal journey.