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Tumblestones are a great size for carrying with you anywhere and an affordable way to add to your crystal collection. They make ideal gifts -- which crystal’s energy would you love to share with someone?

113 results
High Grade Amazonite Tumblestones
High Lithium Lepidolite Tumblestones
High Grade Apache Tears
Hemimorphite Tumblestones
High Grade Morganite Tumblestones
High Grade Garnet Tumbles
K2 Azurite in Granite Tumbles
Green Garnet Tumbles
Ruby Tumbles
Ruby Tumbles
Ruby in Kyanite Palm Stone
Small Rainbow Fluorite Tumblestones
Large Green Fluorite Tumblestones
Medium Green Fluorite Tumblestones
Ruby in Zoisite Tumblestone
Blue Goldstone Tumblestone
Large Grey Lace Agate Tumblestone
Small Grey Lace Agate Tumblestone
Apatite Tumblestone
Smoky Quartz Tumblestone
Medium Uruguayan Amethyst Tumblestone
Large Uruguayan Amethyst Tumblestone
XL Uruguayan Amethyst Tumblestone
Lapis Lazuli Tumblestone
Small Green Fluorite Tumblestones
Small Dragons Blood Jasper Tumblestone
Large Dragons Blood Jasper Tumblestone
Mookaite Tumbles
High Grade Rhodonite Tumbles
Howlite Tumbles
Sunshine Opal Aura Tumble Stone
A Grade Malachite Tumbles
Indian Milky Moonstone Tumbles
Lepidolite Tumbles
Phosphosiderite Tumbles
Cobalt Titanium Aura Tumbles
Leopard Skin Jasper Tumbles
113 results
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