Tumblestones are a great size for carrying with you anywhere and an affordable way to add to your crystal collection. They make ideal gifts -- which crystal’s energy would you love to share with someone?

137 results
Tigers Iron Mega Polished Tumblestone
Bronzite Mega Polished Tumblestone
Lava Stone Tumblestone
Apatite Tumblestones Small
Rhyolite Tumblestones
Druzy Pyrite  Tumblestones
Golden Tumblestones
Golden Calcite Tumblestones
Blue Lace Agate  Tumblestones Large
Fire & Ice  Quartz Tumblestones
Ocean Jasper  Tumblestones
Amethyst Tumblestones Affordable
Clear Quartz 'Water-Clear' Tumblestones
Clear Quartz Tumblestones
Jet Tumblestones
Smoky Quartz   Tumblestones
Green Goldstone  Tumblestones
Muscovite Tumblestones
Honey Calcite  Tumblestones
Orange Calcite - Small - Tumblestones
Healers Gold   Tumblestones
Chrysocolla  Tumblestones
New Jade Tumblestones
Sky Blue Obsidian Tumblestones
Opal Aura Tumblestones
Atlantasite Tumblestones
Blue Obsidian Tumble
Rose Quartz Carry Stone 'Love'
Rose Quartz Carry Stone 'Blessings'
137 results
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