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Crystals and Pearls Australia

Crystals and Pearls Australia is an Australian owned and Sydney based company which provides high quality Crystals, Pearls and Jewellery worldwide. We take pride in our collection of crystals and gemstones as well as our ability to obtain beautiful crystals, pearls, geodes, crystals spheres, gemstone spheres, carved crystals, pendants and more, sourced from all over the world.

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Find us on live-streaming video twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday night with a start time of 8pm (Sydney time).  We look forward to seeing you: 
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#010 PI Black Moonstone Sphere
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#007 Black Moonstone Sphere
#52 Charoite Sphere
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#011 Malachite Sphere
#015 Charoite Sphere
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#014 Charoite Sphere
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#013 Charoite Sphere
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#012 Charoite Sphere
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