Maligano Jasper Tumblestones


 This stone is a relatively new discovery from Sulawesi in  Indonesia. Because of the scarcity of deposits found and the inaccessibility of the site where it is located, very few people have held a piece of Maligano Jasper. It is a type of brecciated stone, meaning that seismic activity has caused the stone to break open and re-form.

Maligano Jasper brings this energy to you. It helps you break down those walls that prevent your growth, those barriers that are keeping you back, and those illusions that are stopping you living in the truth. And it allows you to beautifully recombine the parts of yourself into a new version more closely aligned with your best self.


3.6cm - 2.1cm Average Size 

Please note: each tumblestone is different. Each will contain different levels of colouration. Some contain naturally formed indentations.

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