Hand Carved Goldfish


If you are attracted to the fish spirit totem you are possibly seeking a change. With their glittering scales, goldfish have a long association with bringing in wealth, prosperity and happiness. Goldfish also help to spread a feeling of calm and serenity -- who has ever seen a flustered goldfish?

Combined with the potent ability of the agate stone to help promote positive life choices, and ushering in beneficial changes, your little goldfish helper might be just the start of something wonderful in your life!

With a convenient hole in their mouths you can string them on a necklace, a bracelet or a sun-catcher, or you can use them as a conventional ornament on a shelf, dish, or altar.

Each goldfish has been hand carved so there will be slight differences in shapes and sizes of features. While the fish have been grouped into the categories best representing their colouration, each fish is distinct. Some will have only one colour, while others will be a blend of the colours you see represented in the photos.

On average 4cm length X 2.5cm X 1.3cm in size.

Please choose stone type from the drop down menu and your goldfish will be intuitively chosen by me for you!

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