Hand Carved Dinosaur -- T-Rex


If you are drawn to dinosaur totems, it may be that you are being called to discover ancient wisdom and primordial truths.

The T-Rex, as a carnivorous dinosaur, can represent something you fear, something hard to overcome. But your crystal T-Rex can help you change that perception -- you can start to see how small the T-Rex is, how it isn't so scary after all.

Or maybe you need to harness the predatory power of the T-Rex, so that you can chase down your goals with the speed and determination of a hungry dinosaur?

Each T-Rex has been hand carved so there will be slight differences in shapes and sizes of features.

On average 6.5cm tall X 5cm X 3.5cm tall.

Please choose stone type from the drop down menu and your dinosaur will be intuitively chosen by me for you!

*Please note, these have been reduced from $59 to $39 to take into consideration that some of their eyes may have inconsistencies - such as cloudiness or pointing in slightly different directions, please check the photographs.

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