Ocean Jasper Palmstone


Take a deep breath. Just as you would breathe and pause before you dip your head below the water, Ocean Jasper will help calm you and to prepare yourself before you are immersed in your surroundings. Lie back and relax, and let a sense of peaceful contentment flow through your heart chakra. 

Please choose from the drop down menu and select your Ocean Jasper palmstone .

Be aware that there is some slight pitting on the surface of all the Ocean Jasper palmstones, caused by the natural action of the sea. Ensure you look at the photos carefully before making your selection.

71 -- 4.5cm X 4cm X 2.5cm aprox.

73 -- 4.5cm X 3.5cm X 2cm aprox.

75 -- 6cm X 4.5cm X 2.2cm aprox.

76 -- 4.5cm X 4cm X 2cm aprox. 

311 -- 5.2cm X 3.3cm X 2.7cm aprox.

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