Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf


Mandarin Ducks are a traditional Chinese symbol of marital happiness and loyalty. Always paired in the Yin/Yang male and female combination, these particular ducks are hand carved from Rose Quartz to further deepen the loving links between spouses. The lotus leaf is carved from Green Aventurine to help encourage compassionate behaviour between you and your partner, and to help change any negative energy in that relationship. Make sure your ducks are always kept with their heads together, to keep the energy of connection flowing.

For Feng Shui positioning, Mandarin Ducks should never be placed in the South East or the East. The optimal position for them to be displayed is with their heads together In the South West. You can also place them in commonly used spaces to help spread that loving feeling around, or keep them in the bedroom to intensify intimacy there.

Each duck is approximately 5cm long at the base, approximately 2cm at the widest point, and 3.5cm tall. The lotus leaf is approximately 7cm long, 5.7cm wide, and 0.8cm thick. 

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