Lemon Quartz Tumblestones



We have sourced a limited amount of Lemon Quartz! It is uncommon to find this as a tumblestone, so it can be an affordable way to make a piece your own.

With its cheerful, bright yellow Lemon Quartz is a stone of happiness and brings good luck and positivity. It helps you to balance emotionally with its 'ama-zing' energy.

Lemon Clear Quartz is made by irradiating Clear Quartz. Interestingly, only certain pieces of Clear Quartz will turn the Lemon hue -- the rarity is the reason Lemon Quartz can sometimes be a little bit pricey.

Small Lemon Quartz Tumblestones: 2.2cm - 2.5cm Average Size

Large Lemon Quartz Tumblestones: 3.5cm - 4.5cm Average Size 

Please note: each tumblestone is different. Each will contain different levels of colouration. Some contain naturally formed indentations.

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