Hand Carved Mini Elephants



Enjoy just one, or choose a whole herd! Elephant totem energy is strongly about family, especially families where the women are in charge. If you are attracted to the energy of the herd then you might be feeling a strong call to protect and guide your family, leading the way to prosperity. Harness elephant energy to reveal your strength, your wisdom, and your determination.

Please choose stone type from the drop down menu and your elephant will be intuitively chosen by me for you!

Jasper helps enhance your nurturing abilities and your perseverance. Mookaite can support you through a difficult transition. Picture Jasper helps to calm your fears and see 'the bigger picture'. Tiger's Iron is useful in helping to ground you while giving you the determination to make change happen. Rose Quartz has a loving, compassionate energy to strengthen the emotional bonds of the family.

Each mini elephant has been hand carved so there will be slight differences in shapes and sizes of features, and in the colouration of the stone.

On average 2.5cm long X 1cm X 1.9cm in size and 50g in weight.

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