Fire Agate Tumblestones


 If you need a 'fire in your belly' then Fire Jasper's bright flame can help. Dispelling fear, and stoking your courage it will inspire you to action that makes important progress. It has a strong shielding energy that deflects all threats of harm back to their source. Both grounding and vitalising it will help you to stay bright and focused without experiencing 'burn out'.

Fire Agate is made similarly to fire & Ice Quartz. It is heated over a fire until it is scorchingly hot and then plunged into the coldest iced water. This results in the distinctive snake-skin patterning that you see all over the surface.

1.8cm - 2.5cm Average Size 

Please note: each tumblestone is different. Each will contain different levels of colouration. Some contain naturally formed indentations.

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