A Year of Mystical Thinking | Make Life Feel Magical Again | Book by Emma Howarth


A heart-warming, humorous account of a spiritual seeker's year-long quest for enlightenment.

Join Emma Howarth on her uplifting exploration of all things mystical and magical - from sound baths, crystals and spirit guides to yoga, vision boards, Tarot cards and Reiki.

Do you want to step off the hamster wheel of busy, busy, busy and tap back into something ancient, wise and meaningful?

At the end of 2017, feeling burned out and broken, lifestyle journalist turned soul-seeker Emma Howarth decided to go on a year-long quest for inner peace. During her 12-month journey, Emma tried all sorts of spiritual practices in a bid to derive more meaning from life. Along the way, Emma demystifies the world of new age practices and helps readers to find the practice that will bring new meaning and joy to their lives.

Emma set herself the challenge of fitting at least one mystical adventure around her normal ordinary life each month. The result was a year that changed everything. A year that turned frantic chaos into life in the slow lane. A year of magic and moonlight and pink sky sunrises. A year fragranced with incense and burning herbs (that sometimes smelled suspiciously illegal).

Each month Emma introduces a new spiritual practice, with practical, actionable tips - from how to create the perfect vision board to living by the phases of the Moon. Follow Emma's journey as she connects with spirit guides in February, obsesses over astrology in July and learns about Reiki in November...

Written with humour and curiosity, A Year of Mystical Thinking shows us that we don't need to fly to Italy, India or Bali to have an adventure and find inner peace - there's plenty of magic right on our doorstep.

About the Author

Emma Howarth is a lifestyle and travel writer, and also Glamour UK's monthly horoscope columnist. She was an in-house editor at Time Out, where she wrote and edited guides to Tokyo and Paris, and titles including The Little Black Book of London, Parties and London for Londoners.

She was contributing and digital editor at Smallish magazine and her work has appeared in publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Metro, Project Calm and Reclaim. She's also a Tarot card reader and Reiki practitioner who runs down-to-earth guided Moon meditation events.

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