Rose Quartz Tumblestone


The stone of love! Rose Quartz is one of the best-known (and loved!) crystals of them all. It radiates love, compassion, kindness and acceptance for the self, your partner, your children, the world and all living beings. Use it to help promote harmony, warmth, happiness and companionship. It can be placed in the bedroom to help improve your love-life and your fertility. Carry a piece of Rose Quartz when you know you will encounter someone who challenges you to stay calm, and notice how much kinder you (and they) will feel.

Rose Quartz Tumblestones measure 2.4 - 3cm approx.

B-Grade Rose Quartz Tumblestones measure 2.7 - 4cm approx. 

Tumblestones will be intuitively chosen by me for you!

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