Prehnite and Epidote Large Tumblestones


For a boost to the body and mind together, you might feel drawn to prehnite and epidote. It is one of those stones that "heals the healer" (as the saying goes) so that your cup can stay filed while you care for others. It works to gently dissolve any lingering negativity that you carry, while giving you a boost of energy.

Many people have found that prehnite and epidote is very effective in stimulating regeneration (in your body or in your garden). You can use it in gridding since it broadcasts its stablising influence over the environment nearby. Prehnite and epidote is also a stone that you might be drawn to for tarot reading, for lucid dreaming, and when contacting the higher realms or alien civilsations.


4cm - 5.5cm Average Size 

Each tumblestone is unique and will contain different amounts of prehenite and of epidote -- some will have more of one, and less of the other. Some stones have naturally occurring vugs, as you can see in the photos. Vugs are naturally made indentations in the stone.

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