Palo Santo Cleansing Pack


You will receive between 3 and 4 pieces of the finest quality Palo Santo Holy Wood for smudging - cleansing your space.

Each pack will weigh 35-50 grams with the pieces being 5-8cm long and 1.2-1.8cm thick.

This lovely fragrant wood has notes of mint, citrus and pine. Light up the tip and allow the smoke to cleanse your home and/or workplace. You can even place the aromatic pieces of wood in your drawers or cupboards to keep creepy crawlies at bay!

This is sustainably sourced from fallen branches and naturally downed trees and never taken from live trees.

This sacred wood has been used for centuries by Healers, Shamans and Spiritualists as a remedy for clearing negative energies, Spirits and lingering misfortune. It is said that Palo Santo replaces the negativity with Blessings, good fortune and positive, happy energy.

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