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    Pink Danburite

    Source a piece of PINK DANBURITE when you want:

    ❤️ To feel patience, empathy & understanding ❤️
    🤍 To be guided by Angels & Spirit🤍
    💜 To activate your upper chakras 💜
    ❤️ To heal from grief by feeling connected to passed loved ones ❤️

    From: Only a handful of places in the world, including Mexico, Danbury in Connecticut US, North America and New York.
    Contains: A calcium boron silicate material that forms in orthorhombic prismatic linear crystals.
    Energy: Pink Danburite is a true high vibing, zinging, buzzing energy crystal. It wants to support the journey of the upper chakras through phases of healing, the heart & the mind as one.
    The Pink tinted form of Danburite assists deep healing of the heart, including past relationships wounds, the feeling of loss of someone special through death and the grief of how things once were.
    Danburite stimulates the mind to be open to new ways, to a better life and even a belief that once again your dreams can come true.
    Feel as if your mind is clouded and your heart is heavy with hurt? Then you’re ready, right in this moment, to accept the uplifting energy of Danburite to unleash the harmony of your upper chakras and for the world to hear the chorus of your heart song once again.

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