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Blueberry Smelt Quartz | Generator
Chrysocolla | Generator
Apatite & Rainbow Moonstone  | Sterling Silver Earrings | Teal Blue
Angelite | Sterling Silver Earrings | Blue
Larimar | Sterling Silver Earrings | Blue
Lapis Lazuli | Sterling Silver Earrings | Blue
Golden Healer with Agate and Cave | Sphere
Petrified Wood | Sphere
Fluorite Heart | Mini Bowl
Star Rose Quartz | Sphere
Rose Quartz | Generator | High Grade
Clear Quartz | Generator
Ocean Jasper | Generator
Ocean Jasper | Generator
Golden Healer | Generator
Sakura Agate | Flower Agate | Generator
Ryolite | Rainforest Jasper | Generator
Sunstone Moonstone Matrix Sphere | Blue Flash
Banded Agate Sphere
Fire Quartz Sphere
Ametrine Sphere
Silk Agate Sphere
Flower Rhyolite Sphere
Moss Agate Sphere
Fluorite Sphere | Toffee Apple | Crystaluxe
Labradorite Sphere
Golden Banded Fluorite Sphere
Druzy Sphalerite Sphere
Pyrite Milky Quartz Matrix Sphere | Crystaluxe
Eliat Stone Sphere
Apatite Sphere
Lepidolite Sphere
Pink Tourmaline in Albite Sphere
Peach Moonstone Sphere
Fluorite Sphere | Toffee Apple | Crystaluxe
Moss Agate Sphere
Rose Quartz Sphere
Unakite Sphere
Pink Amethyst Sphere | Druzy | High Grade | Crystaluxe
Septarian Sphere | Yellow Calcite | Aragonite
Tiger Eye Polished Mega Tumblestone
Labradorite Polished Mega Tumblestone
Black Agate Polished Mega Tumblestone
Leopard Skin Jasper Polished Mega Tumblestone
Yellow Jasper Polished Mega Tumblestone
Red Orange Aventurine Polished Mega Tumblestone
Rhodonite Polished Mega Tumblestone
Clear Quartz | Sterling Silver Earrings | Faceted
246 results
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