Hearts, Crystal Cluster & More

A collection of all our interesting and hard-to-find pieces. Carvings, raw mineral specimens.  We have a variety of crystals, each with different metaphysical properties, in all sorts of forms.

Have a look and find something that calls to you.

Hearts, Crystal Cluster & More
109 results
Fluorite Lamp - Large
Fluorite Lamp - Large
Fluorite Lamp - Large
Fluorite Lamp - Large
Fluorite Lamp - Rustic
Garnierite Standing Freeform PI
Golden Healer Quartz Freeform
Golden Healer Quartz Hearts
Green Aventurine Christmas Trees Large
Green Aventurine Christmas Trees Medium
Green Aventurine Gemstone Tree
Green Dyed Agate Bookends
Guan Yin Statue - Tagua Nut - Bodhisattva Kwan Yin or Quan Yin
Happy Buddha - Large - Tagua Nut
Healers Gold Standing Freeform
Heart Worry Stone - Rose Quartz
Indigo Gabbro Palm Stones
Jade Christmas Trees Large
Jade Christmas Trees Medium
Jelly Quartz Crystal Crowns
Labradorite Mega Standing Freeform
Labradorite Palmstone
Labradorite Standing Freeform
Lazulite heart
Lepidolite Hexagon Bowl PI
Lepidolite Skulls
Lilac Quartz Palmstone - Extra Large
Lilac Quartz Palmstone - Large
Lion Statue - Tagua Nut
Malachite Bowls 'AAA Grade'
Mangano Calcite Heart
Mini Moons
Mini Moons
Mini Phallus - Fertility Symbol - Masculine Wand
Mookaite Heart
Mother Earth Green Resin Statue
Ocean Jasper Heart
109 results
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