Blue Goldstone

Source a piece of BLUE GOLDSTONE when you want to:

💙 Change the vibes around everyone 💙
💛 Give you confidence in yourself 💛
💙 focus and calm your mind 💙
💛 Energise your body and clear your thoughts 💛

From: Man Made

Contains: Glass with Copper inclusions may also contain Cobalt, Manganese or Chromium combined.

Energy: Blue Goldstone is a man made stone and sparkles like the night sky filled with stars. Blue Goldstone intensifies concentration and enhances imagination for new ideas. Increases creativity and versatility. It reduces negative feelings and promotes self awareness. It is gently uplifting and will support one to attain hidden achievements so that they can truly shine! Blue Goldstone can help children and adults who are afraid of the dark, place this gemstone beside their bed.

Blue Goldstone
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