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Carved Crystals

The shape of your crystal can influence your intention. Choose from a variety of carved crystal types, lovingly crafted by artisans.
Carved Crystals
91 results
Rose Quartz Angel (Medium)
Opalite Angel (Medium)
Sodalite Angel (Medium)
Cherry Smelt Quartz Angel (Medium)
Blue Dyed Howlite Angel (Medium)
Mini Rose Quartz Apple
Mini Cherry Quartz Apple
#009 Vulcanite Apple
Blue Quartz Large Apple
Howlite Apple
Howlite Apple
Blue Goldstone Apple
Green Aventurine Large Apple
Blue Cats Eye Large Apple
Green Aventurine  Mini Apple
Blue Goldstone Pig
Sold Out
Goldstone Lucky Cat
Rose Quartz Owl
Rose Quartz Flying Pig
Labradorite Handcarved Owls #161
91 results
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