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    Source a piece of AMMONITE when you want to:

    🐚 Protect against repeating old mistakes 🐚
    🐚 Bring lasting health, wealth and happiness 🐚
    🐚 Have a good luck charm for pregnancy 🐚
    🐚 Ward off negativity 🐚

    From: Worldwide

    Contains: Ammonites are fossilised sea creatures that lived around 430million years ago

    Energy: Ammonite Fossils represent the cycles of our life and growth. The shape symbolises universal energy and the sacred geometry that underpins the world. They contain earthy grounding vibes for powerful centering and healing. Ammonite is filled with stabilising Qi, it acts as a filter, clearing the auric field of negativity and removing what you have outgrown so that all things new can enter your life. Holding an Ammonite assists in the recall of the Akashic records, which is the spiritual collective store of wisdom past, present and future.