Scenic Quartz Generators


Scenic Quartz aka Lodalite and Garden Quartz and Landscape Quartz and The Shaman Stome and Arenite.

Looks like an amazing underwater scene - it draws your eye in and you forget about any troubles you may have on your mind as you focus in on the details and intricate design of the Inclusions suspended in clear quartz.

It is the ‘Stone of Power’ and the ‘Stone of Manifestation’ - make things happen in your life and let dis-eases calm and your wellbeing become your priority.

This stone helps you to focus on you and what you need to be your best self.  It allows you to let go of things that don’t really matter to embrace yourself with the energy that you deserve.

#01 - 6.2cm (237)

#02 - 7.5cm (247)

#03 -6.5cm (465)

#04 - 6cm (238)

#05 - 6.7cm (65)

#06 - 7cm (242)

#07 - 5.9cm (61)

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