Pink Cake Batter - WHIPPED SOAP - with Jewellery Surprise - Royal Essence



Guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Surprise 

 Scent Description: Luscious, creamy vanilla is topped with tiny hints of almond and sugar cane with hints of pink sprinkle for a truly delectable treat.

This whipped soap is a 3 in 1 powerhouse, all packed in one jar. You can use it as a soap in the shower, to make bubbles in the bath, and even a shaving cream.  A luxurious, rich and buttery feel to it which makes your shower time much more fun!

 Every whipped soap jar comes with a gorgeous piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery and a purchase gives you a chance to win a high value jewellery worth thousands of dollars.

Please choose your jewellery type from the drop down menu!

How to use:  To use as a soap, simply rub onto your skin to create lather. When in the tub - turn the tap on the whipped soap to see the bubbles come alive. And to use as a shaving cream, simply spread across the desired area and shave.

Weight and Dimension: Approx. 330g in weight in a 350ml jar


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