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Natural Head Lice Soap


If you have school aged children chances are you have had or will have head lice attack your family - they are horrid things, so I truly do mean the word attack!  They are uncomfortable, can cause infection and these days are getting harder to get rid of as they are becoming used to chemical based treatments.


Want to avoid nasty chemicals or perhaps you have someone in your household who is allergic to over the counter head lice treatments?


Simply use this soap bar once a week for two consecutive weeks instead of shampoo (which will rid the active lice and majority of the eggs) and then can be used as a preventative once a fortnight to help them not come back.


Each bar will last approx. 30 washes.

This soap will kill lice/eggs and yet is very gentle on the hair and also does not have a over powering smell.


Ingredients are:

Coconut, soya bean, almond, rice bran, sunflower, sustainable palm, caster sugar, lavender, tea tree and neem oils.


These soap bars are Australian made.


Who is interested? Yes I know... this is not a crystal lol!

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