Moldavite Raw | 12.30 carats | Crystaluxe


Star-born Moldavite is a life changing stone of rapid Spiritual evolution, activation, cleansing and protection.  It will bring to the surface that which you most need to recognise and pull you into your life’s path.

Moldavite is a green Tektite that was formed from a meteorite impact around 15 million years ago. This world-renowned vitreous silica projectile rock is most commonly found in the Czech Republic.

This piece is 2.8cm long, 1.6cm wide and 0.6cm thick.  It’s weight is 2.48 grams.  This piece features a natural tube space as can be seen in the photos.

This piece of Chlum Moldavite is hand-picked from the ground by a small family business in the Czech Republic and I am proud to be able to bring them to you.

This is a natural rough item so there may be dirt or sediments in the moldavite that were trapped during the impact.  Since these are rough stones there WILL BE chips and imperfections especially on the edges where pieces may have broken off - this is normal for real Moldavite.  Natural things are never perfect.  Please check photos for the details of the exact piece you will receive.

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