Hemimorphite Polished Generators PI


Hemimorphite is a crystal that connects to its owner, the more it is handled the deeper and more strongly it can work with you to:

• Widen your perspective on the past, the present and your wishes for the future

• To soothe your mind, allowing a more relaxed and calm state

• Push through seemingly impenetrable boundaries to unlock wisdom

• Have empathy with others so that ‘being the better person’ doesn’t feel like a burden

• Have more confidence and self-empowerment

• Express your dreams so that you can share the journey with like-minded others to a happy & healthy reality

*These generators are perfectly imperfect due to a slight chippity tippity & may have natural caves*

*Prices will differ due to height, width and weight of each generator*

#01 - 6.6cm

#02 - 6.3cm

#03 - 5.5cm

#04 - 7.1cm

#05 - 6.3cm

#06 - 5.5cm

#07 - 8cm

#08 - 6.8cm

#09 - 7.3cm

#10 - 7.1cm


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