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PI Brecciated Fluorite Generators


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• Study & learning
• Concentration & focus
• Self confidence
• Clears the mind of distractions
• Beneficial in decision making

Brecciated Stones occur when the earth heats and/or moves and creates cracks in already formed stones and then another stone comes through and cement all the pieces together to form one. They teach us that even though we may be broken from our past, we can come back together again with the help of situations and people around us and become one whole and be more beautiful than before.

*These generators are perfectly imperfect due to being a matte finish and a slight chippity tippity*

*Prices will differ due to height, width and weight of each generator*

#01 - 6.9cm

#02 - 7.7cm

#03 - 8.3cm

#04 - 7.7cm

#05 - 5.9cm

#06 - 5.8cm

#07 - 8.5cm

#08 - 8cm

#09 - 8.3cm

#10 - 7.2cm


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