Blue Rose Quartz Sphere High Grade


Blue Rose Quartz is a new find and extremely rare form of Rose Quartz that has a slight blue-grey hue. This special blue colouring comes from minute inclusions of Dumortierite and Girasol. It is the combination of these three stones that give it a pink hue in some lighting (Rose Quartz), a blue hue with direct light (Dumortierite) and a golden hue when lit from beneath (Girasol).

Blue Rose Quartz has all of the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz - so love, compassion, integration of the heart & mind etc - it also carries the energy of Dumortierite - mental clarity, patience, Divine connection - and Girasol - Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Development, Creativity- it also has the healing properties of the blue hue

This sphere measures 6.2cm in diameter approx

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