Black Rose Quartz Palmstone


Black Rose Quartz occurs when the Earth heats up and irradiates the pink hued Quartz turning it a deep umber with Raspberry overtone.  Rose Quartz can also be man-altered to turn this deep colour too.

In this case it has naturally occurred.  The energy of this stone works closely with the Heart Chakra, grounding emotion to allow for clear sight and hindsight.  In this respect it works well with fast emotion to slow the pace and allow insightful thought in times of challenge that brings about anxiety, repetitive actions, feeling on-edge, nervousness and even distress.  It is awesome for working through deep, old traumas that you didn’t even realise it was time to let go.

This polished palmstone measures 6.5cm long and 4.5cm at the widest part, approximately.


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