Amethyst Smoky Phantom Generators


Smoky Amethyst brings together to wonderful stones and combines there properties to bring forth a high vibrational stone that is very protective as well as detoxifiy or cleansing to ones body and soul.

Just like Amethyst, Smoky Amethyst  helps to open the Third Eye and assist you in contacting higher beings/spiritual energies and once you have made contact it will then through the Smoky element help to ground those energies firmly.

The two stones work wonderfully in combination to clear and then shield once all negative energies/being/influences are removed helping prevent them from returning.

*Prices will differ due to height, width and weight of each generator*

#01 - 5.5cm

#02 - 6.2cm

#03 - 6.4cm

#04 - 5.4cm

#05 - 5cm

#06 - 5cm

#07 - 6.4cm

#08 - 5.1cm

#09 - 5cm

#10 - 4.9cm

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