Peruvian Pink Opal Tumblestone


 Peruvian Pink Opal has a smooth, almost soapy or buttery sensation in the hand. They are very satisfying stones to stroke and move in the hand. This is why they are good for soothing a broken heart, for grieving, for when you are pining -- so that you can have that comforting tactile experience to help you focus.

Sometimes called the Stone of Resolution, Pink Opal is calling you to release whatever you are hanging on to that is holding you back. It works to help you understand and move beyond your deepest fears, and to shed the load of your stress. Working on your Heart Chakra this stone is ready to help you take that next step to becoming who you need to be.

Peruvian Pink Opal Tumblestones measure 1.6 - 2.8cm approx.

Tumblestones will be intuitively chosen by me for you!

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