Smoky Quartz Palmstone


A popular stone that helps lift the mood as much as it keeps you firmly grounded. Smoky Quartz is one of the go-to stones for dissipating negativity, lightening dark moods and helping improve concentration. If you have been having disturbing dreams, holding your Smoky Quartz palmstone in your hand as you fall asleep, or keeping it under your pillow, can help improve the quality of your sleep by dispersing fear, stress and worry.

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362 -- 6cm X 4.5cm X 2.3cm aprox.

363 -- 5cm X 3.4cm X 2.2cm aprox.

364 -- 5cm X 3.9cm X 2cm aprox.

365 -- 5cm X 3.7cm X 2.2cm aprox. 

366 -- 5.5cm X 4.6cm X 2.5cm aprox.

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