Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Crystaluxe


💜💎Super Rare & Exceptional💎💜

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone has a very complex, magical energy that is beyond high-vibe... it creates connections between worlds and has a very otherworldly energetic buzz. This stone also reflects personal power, inner strength, willpower, becoming consciously connected to ones surroundings and an openness to give freely without fear.

This amazing holographic rainbow stone is one of the rarest stones on Earth. Not only due to the fact that the area of mining is small, but sales are highly restricted and regulated. The owner of the mine, in Hart's Range, Northern Territory, only sells to trusted sources (such as CAPA!) and mines with hand tools in accordance with principles approved by the Indigenous landowners, caring for the land, and consequently producing fewer stones.

This awesome stone is predominately made up of Orthoclase and Albite and is part of the feldspar family 

It measures approximately 2cm x 1.8cm and is 10 carats.

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