Chrysoprase Obelisks

“I am loved in every moment”

Chrysoprase has such a soothing, loving, calming, reassuring energy. This naturally green stone connects to the heart chakra and soothes a broken heart, loneliness, anxious feelings and uplifts those feeling low. This fresh green stone replaces any negative stored emotion with joy, compassion and happiness. It is also said to support one in readiness to meet their match in love.

This Indonesian Chrysoprase is highly sought after with its natural Granny Smith apple hue! Please note that these Obelisks have been stabalised with a turquoise tone resin to give them the appearance of a more aesthetically pleasing flat surface. It is for that reason I’ve marked them all perfectly imperfect.


(Sizes are approximate)
#001 - 9.7cm

#002 - 9cm

#003 - 8cm

#004 - 8.5cm

#005 - 9.3cm

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