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Crystal Show Off

Crystal Show Off

Welcome to Crystal and Pearls Australia first blog post. 

Greetings, we would like to talk to you about what a "Crystal Show Off" is during the live event on the Facebook group page each Monday and Wednesday. 
Our lovely hostess Robyn will collect a multitude of crystals, each different in their own rights. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the Crystals as they are shown and explained you must say "Sold" or "Sold Please" as it is being shown. 
Please note there is a delay from you to the video stream and we will go off the first "SOLD" we see on our end. Saying things such as "Me" or "I want it" or "It's nice" will not end with you winning the item. 

There are different crystals featured each live you may see some old favorites or some new crystals in the mix but we guarantee whatever it is, you will fall in love. You will then be given a custom listing on the website and have 24 hours to complete you payment.

Here's our crystal "did you know?" of the week.

Crystals for mental health is a great way to maximize our wellbeing and become more stable within our bodies. Anger arises from the same place where sadness does, feelings of vulnerability and being misunderstood. Whether is is depression you are feeling quite on edge or hot tempered or somewhere in between, you can cleanse and uplift your spirit through dealing with those emotions in crystal meditation.

*Photos used in blogs are for image purposes only and do not reflect what is upcoming in the next show off. 

Blog Photo Image Description
[Photo is a cluster of six crystals in order from left to right back and front left to right, Fluroite Generator, Fluroite Sphere, Golden Calcite sphere, Blueberry Smelt Quartz, Blue Goldstone Generator. Blue Goldstone Generator, Dream Quartz.]

Robyn Padden
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